Horse Syndications

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What is a horse racing syndicate?

A horse racing syndication is a company licenced to sell shares in racehorses. The group will purchase a horse, or a percentage of a horse, and then sell shares to horse racing fans, the general public or punters. It is a cheap and cost-effective way to get involved in racehorse ownership. There’s no big outlay to get involved, and the good news is that you get to keep your percentage of any prizemoney won too.

The syndictor will take care of all training bills, the organisation of the ownership and entries into races. They will also be the communication point for owners like you should you purchase a share.

How do I buy shares in a race horse through a syndicate?

It is easy to buy shares. There are many trainers or syndicators offering the chance to buy shares and the first thing you need to do is decide which one is for you. You might prefer to team up with a particular trainer or have your eyes on a horse you would love to own part of. Once you have decided, contact the syndicator and the paperwork will soon take care of itself. Once you have paid up, you will be a racehorse owner in your own right.