Draftstars Rapidfire – How to enter horse racing rapidfire

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Draftstars Rapidfire is a new way to bet and win big with the chance to win up to 20 times your entry fee by showing your horse racing knowledge.

The new horse racing feature is popular with punters, who make predictions in the Rapidfire 3 or Rapidfire 5 contests by selecting between pre-determined selections.


Rapidfire gives you the chance to pick who will score more Draftstars points for individual matchups.

It’s all the excitement of playing Draftstars, in the quickest and easiest way possible!

There are two Rapidfire game types to choose from:


With Rapidfire 3, you need to pick at least 3 out of 5 winning player match-ups. For this game type, you get a return of 1.8x your entry fee.

You can enter Rapidfire 3 once per sport, per day.



If you really back yourself, try Rapidfire 5. Pick all 5 winning player match-ups correctly to win. For this game type, you get a return of 20x your entry fee.

Again, you can enter Rapidfire 5 once per sport, per day.

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