SportChamps Early Bird Specials

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SportChamps Early Bird


Join in the fun on Cox Plate Day at SportChamps with three Early Bird specials.

Take advantage of SportChamps’ Early Bird tournaments by entering into one of three tournaments before midday on Friday, October 23.

$20 Early Bird

A total of $7,500 is up for grabs in the $20 Early Bird tournament. The top 20% of players will be paid out as you bet between 11am and 6pm on Saturday, October 24.

If you enter before Friday 12pm, you will get back a bonus $5.

Starting with 10,000 ChampCash, entrants will look to accumulate the most ChampCash in the seven-hour period on Cox Plate Day. All thoroughbred meetings held between 11am-6pm can be bet on.

A minimum of one bet must be made in order to qualify for a prize and there will be one re-buy allowed if your ChampCash stack drops below 250.

$50 Early Bird

The second Early Bird tournament is the $50 Early Bird tournament.

A total pool size of $20,000 is available and once again, the top 20% of players will earn a payout.

Entry costs $50 and if you pay before Friday 12pm, you will receive a bonus $10 cash back.

SportChamps Early Bird

$250 Early Bird

Like the other two smaller tournaments, the $250 Early Bird tournament runs between 11am to 6pm on Cox Plate Day and there will be a $10,000 pool size.

The reason for the smaller prize pool compared to the $50 Early Bird tournament is that there will be less entrants which means less players in the top 20% earning a payout.

Any early entrants will receive a bonus $25 paid back into their account.