Townsville Turf Club Rebuild On Track

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  • Townsville Turf Club race the clock to be ready for their Winter Carnival
Townsville's Cluden Park rebuild on track (Pic:


The complete rebuild of facilities at the Townsville Turf Club is still on track, according to Club President Malcolm Petrofski.

It’s been more than a year now since Townsville was devastated by the worst floods seen in the city’s history.

More than 2.2 metres of torrential rain fell in 10 consecutive days across the city which began on the Australia Day weekend in 2019.

The rising waters saw more than ten thousand residents evacuated from their homes and the local race track (Cluden Park) did not escape the unprecedented event.

None of the buildings at the track were spared as the flood waters rose, and the aging ceilings gave up the fight and began to leak as well.


The entire Cluden Park site is Heritage listed which meant that all repairs and renovations required approval before work could commence.

This has caused major delays in the rebuilding of the club facilities along with further interruptions from inclement weather.

But even with the obstacles the club has had to deal with, Club President Malcolm Petrofski remains adamant that the main facilities will be completed and operational on time and on budget.

“It’s taken so long because we decided to do the job properly, rectify all of the past mistakes, and comply with all of the Heritage requirements” Petrofski said.

The club has had to do it all, relying only on funds from their insurance claim and sponsors.

Built in accordance with the proposed plans, Townsville will be sporting a whole new look complete with state of the art facilities for members, and guests as well as for club officials and jockeys as well.

A completely new building is being erected for the jockeys with full facilities for both male and female riders, along with a new Steward’s room.

New Jockeys and Stewards quarters  (Pic:

The front Administration building is already nearing completion and will be fitted with ramps to allow easier access for everyone.

A completion date for the $10 million rebuild was originally set for April however with the delays in gaining approval for work plans and more bad weather, confidence is now sky high for work to be finished by the end of May.

“Everything will be fully functional by June 6, in time for the Two-Year-Old Classic meeting” Petrofski said.

Work underway on the Public Grandstand  (Pic:

This will be music to the ears of the club’s members and all the race-going public with the launch of the Winter Carnival happening just six weeks later, kicking off with Ladies Day on July 18.

The Carnival continues the following week with the running of the Townsville Guineas on July 23 and then finishes with the Carnival highlight, the running of the $100,000 Townsville Cup on July 25.

Artist’s impression of the new-look Member’s Bar (Pic: Townsville Turf Club)