SportChamps 2021 Racing Tournament

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2021 Racing Tournament


Bet all year for twenty bucks at SportChamps and win a share of the $40,000 prize pool on offer in the 2021 Racing Tournament.

SportChamps are offering a massive racing tournament in 2021. Entry fee is $20 which gains you access to the tournament at

Once you have entered, you will start with a balance of 10,000 ChampCash which you can use to bet on any race that is being offered. SportChamps will put up one race meeting each day, either gallops, trots or dogs, and your goal is to finish in the top 20% of the leaderboard at the end of the year.

The pool size is a whopping $40,000 and the higher that you finish within the top 20% of the leaderboard on December 31, the more money that you will be paid out.

2021 Racing Tournament

Starting on January 1, the 2021 Racing Tournament will run for the entire year. A total of 21 rebuys are allowed throughout the year and each rebuy will be available if your ChampCash balance drops below 250.

A minimum of one bet must be placed during the year in order to be eligible for a payout should you finish in the top 20%.

See below for details on the tournament.

2021 Racing Tournament

  • Starts: Fri 01 Jan, 11am
  • Ends: Fri 31 Dec, 6pm
  • Pool Size: $40,000
  • Entry Fee: $20
  • Re Buys: 21
  • Min Bets To Be Eligible: 1