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Use the Neds Toolbox to get the best value.
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Reasons to join Neds

  • Excellent app
  • Exclusive Referral Code
  • Neds Toolbox
  • Not as many sports markets as some rivals


Neds is an Australian bookmaker that offers excellent bonuses and promotions. Some of these include bonus back specials, enhanced odds and Blended Bets which allows you to combine multiple runners into a single fixed odds price.

Neds Free Bet Offers

Neds can’t offer free bets anymore. Due to Australian laws, Australian bookmakers aren’t allowed to offer incentives to bet. However, they do offer bonus bets and daily racing promotions.

About Neds

Neds is one of the newest online bookmakers in Australia and the brand has been launched for punters wanting to explore “a world of personalised play, thrilling sports, the best horse racing from around the globe and all our innovative products”.

Among those innovative products are the Bet Boost, in which you will get added value on your bets and the multi builder which makes placing your multibets incredibly quick and easy.

Formed in 2017, and trading for less than 12 months, Neds was bought by Ladbrokes.

Is There a Neds Bonus Code

New customers can use the exclusive NEDSVIP Referral Code to start enjoying all of the great features Neds has to offer. Neds cannot offer bonus codes in Australia due to legislation outlawing inducements.
Here is a step-by-step guide on how to join Neds so that you can enjoy all of their racing and sports markets, as well as their excellent promotions on offer.


1. Click here to sign up to Neds.
2. Enter your personal details and input NEDSVIP in the Code section.
3. Complete all remaining details on the Neds sign up form.
4. Once you have created your account, you can make your first deposit and start betting with Neds.

Your newly created Neds account gives you access to thousands of racing and sports markets, the Neds Toolbox, Same Game Multi and Same Race Multis, along with daily promotions.




The Neds Multi Builder allows you to build a multi across both racing and sports. It is quite simple to use, and you don’t even need to leave the original screen.
Using your mobile phone, click the menu icon and select ‘Multi Builder.’ Swipe through the sports and racing markets to make your selections. Once you are happy with your multi selections, press the ‘Add to Betslip’ button. Enter your stake and confirm your bet.

Neds Review

Neds truly is a unique bookmaker offering a wide range of racing and sport enhancements via the Neds Toolbox. The Toolbox puts the power in the user’s hand, allowing them to control how they use promotions instead of having specific promotional events dictated to them.

Read on for more information about Neds promotions in our detailed Neds review.

Does Neds Offer A Sign Up Bonus?

Neds does not currently offer a sign-up bonus. Due to changing Australian gambling legislation, Neds are unable to offer a Neds sign up bonus.
Even though there is no longer a Neds joining bonus, Neds is still able to offer punters plenty of incentives to use them and the Neds Toolbox is one of the main reasons to sign up to



With the Neds Same Game Multi you can combine selections from the same game.
Click on Sports on the homepage of the Neds website or mobile app and then select the sport and match that you would like to bet on.
Select each leg of the multi that you would like to place for that sporting match, and you will see how many legs have been added to the bet slip and your odds.
Once you are happy with your Same Game Multi selections, click Add To Betslip, enter your stake and click confirm bet.
You can view your Same Game Multi in the Pending Bets section of your account.


Increase your odds in a single race by selecting 2 to 4 runners anywhere inside the top four placings.
The easiest way to find the Same Race Multi option is by going to a specific race and clicking ‘Same Race Multi’ which appears above the race field next to ‘Win/Place.’
You will see different odds displayed for Win, Top 2, Top 3 and Top 4. Select each runner that you wish to add to your Same Race Multi and what finishing position you would like for them.
For example, you could pick a runner to finish Top 2 and another to finish Top 4. As long as the Top 2 runner finishes first or second and the Top 4 runner finishes first, second, third or fourth, then your Same Race Multi would be successful.
Neds’ Same Race Multi is available on thoroughbred, harness and greyhound races from approximately 9:30am on the day of the event, or following final scratchings, whichever is the latest time.


Exclusive to Neds, blended odds gives users the ability to choose more than one runner a single race and get ‘blended’ odds if one of their selections win. Essentially, it’s like backing multiple runners individually, but the ‘blended’ odds takes the fuss out of placing multiple bets.

How to place a Blended bet with Neds:

• Go to the market of your choice and hit the BLENDED tab
• Select two or more runners, and when you are happy with your selections, add to your betslip
• Enter your stake and confirm your bet

Neds Toolbox

The Neds Punters Toolbox provides four unique products that will deliver more bang for your buck. You will be able to use the Toolbox twice each day with the four productions on offer being the following:

• Fluc Up
• Back Up
• Jump Off
• Price Boost

To use the Neds Punters Toolbox, sign up for an account and download the Neds app.
The Neds Punters Toolbox helps you to win more, protect your bets and squeeze the most out of your stake.


The first unique product on offer with the Neds Toolbox is called Fluc Up. This allows you to increase the odds on a runner after you have placed the bet!
From the moment that you place your fixed odds win bet, you will have five minutes if you choose to Fluc Up your odds. The easiest way to do this is to place your fixed odds win bet and then go to pending bets.
Next, expand the Fluc Up module on your pending racing bet and the inflated price will be shown. Click the Fluc Up button once more in order to confirm.
Once you have decided to Fluc Up, your increased odds for that bet will be visible in your pending bets section of your Neds account.


• You back a horse at $2, it drifts to $2.10 then to $2.20 you hit Fluc Up (within the 5 minutes since you placed your bet) and you get the next Fluc from when you placed your bet of $2.
• You back a horse at $2 it drifts to $2.1 then comes into $1.90 then to $1.80 you hit Fluc Up (within 5 minutes of when you placed your bet) and you get $2.1.
• You back a horse at $2 it comes into $1.9 then to $2.00 then to $2.1 you hit Fluc Up and get the $2.1 (within the 5 minutes of placing the original bet) it flucs up to the fluc above the original odd


What is Neds Backup?

Neds refers to Back Up as being a second-chance product, which means your stake will be returned if your Backup selection wins and your original bet finishes in second place.
To use Back Up, you will select the runner that you would like to back, enter your stake and then locate the ‘Backup’ button at the top of your bet slip; you will select the runner that you would like to be your backup selection.
Once you have chosen a Backup runner, you can now confirm your bet by clicking the Place Bet button at the bottom of the bet slip.
You can check your Back Up by going to your list of pending bets, which can be found in your bet statement. The runner that is your Backup will appear in blue below your winning-bet selection.


Another unique product that is part of the Neds Toolbox is called Jump Off. This allows you to cancel any Fixed Win bet, as long as it is not part of a multi.
Jump Off is available on any eligible Australian thoroughbred race.
Once you have placed a bet on an eligible race, the ‘Jump Off’ icon appears above the main field in the ‘My Bets This Race’ module. Simply click My Bets This Race and you will be able to view the bet(s) that you can use the Jump Off product on.
The timer will begin as soon as your chosen race has started. You will see the Jump Off button below each eligible bet that you have placed in the race.
If you would like to cancel your bet, potentially because it missed the kick, then you can click the Jump Off button for your desired runner. Select Confirm and you will have successfully Jumped Off the runner. Once the race result has settled, your stake will be returned to you.


The simplest of the four products offered in the Neds Toolbox is the Price Boost. As the name suggests, you will receive a boost to the price of your Fixed Odds bet.
Select the runner that you wish to back and it will be added to your bet slip. Click the ‘Price Boost’ button and see the increased price. Enter your stake and confirm your bet.
For example, you may back a runner at $2.50 fixed win odds. After selecting Price Boost, the increased odds available may be $2.80.

Neds Sportsbook

Neds Betting Markets

The number of markets is comparable to the larger Australian bookmakers, with an expansive array of markets on selected sports, mainly soccer and basketball. They also offer ‘Novelty’ markets which include entertainment and politics.
On top of that, Neds are known for their extremely fast pay-outs particularly on main events in thoroughbred racing, with customers being paid out within 30 seconds of the race or sports completion, which is faster than all of their rival bookmakers. The prices are fair with promotions and odds being some of the best a bookmaker provides.

Neds In-play Betting

The Neds live in-play betting feature is one of the best that’s on offer from Australian bookmakers. Neds encourage In-Play betting with the taskbar making it easy to focus on In-Play betting.
In-Play betting is very secure on Neds, with live betting being extremely secure conducted by over-the-phone operators. Placing an In-Play bet is done over the phone at 134 777, you can fast track your live bet to ensure the odds don’t change, you simply state your full name and fast code which is provided to you.
However, you are not able to live stream the event on your phone, with live streaming options being extremely limited on Neds.

Neds User Experience

Neds is a premium platform for Australian punters of all audiences.
Neds is one of the easiest bookmakers to navigate yourself in, some bookmakers can be confusing with tabs going everywhere and it can be very confronting, but Neds makes their platforms easy to use with a simple interface which highlights its main bright orange (which is typically linked to joy and creativity).
A unique feature at Neds is the Neds Toolbox, which is encouraged for regular thoroughbred racing punters. The different tools in the toolbox include the ‘Jump Off’ which allows you to cancel your bet after the horses jump out the barriers. The ‘Backup’ where you can select a backup horse if you have a fixed-odd bet. The ‘Fluc Up’, where you can update your fixed-odd bet to get the higher fixed price if drifts which is perfect for late punters. Lastly, the ‘Price Boost’, which gives you the option to boost your odds to get a higher dividend.

Neds Mobile App

The Neds mobile app is offered for both iOS and Android users, which means it can be used on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The Neds betting app offers thousands of racing and sports markets, just like the Neds website, but allows you to bet on the go using your phone or tablet.
As you would expect, you can place and check bets, deposit and withdraw money using the app, while also gaining access to exclusive bonuses and promotions.
For users who do not wish to download the Neds betting app, there is also a mobile-dedicated site that offers everything that appears on the website and app.

Neds Payment Methods

Neds Withdrawal & Deposit Review


Your Neds account must be verified to withdrawal funds.

Making a withdrawal can be done to your selected bank account, you can add multiple bank accounts to your account.

You can make a minimum $10 withdrawal. If they receive your withdrawal request before 12pm Mon-Fri your funds will be available in your bank account, the following business day. However, some banks may take longer.

How to apply for a Neds Card

How do I use my Neds Card?

The Neds card can be used to withdraw cash from any ATM around Australia, which means you can access your winnings instantly. You can also use your Neds card to make purchases everywhere that a Mastercard is accepted.


There are multiple deposit methods available when using Neds as your platform of choice.

– Credit/Debit Card

Using this method, means the funds will be transferred instantly into your count. They accept VISA and Mastercard but not Diners and AMEX Cards.

– Cash-In

Instant payment method, which can be found at numerous newsagencies around Australia. You can find one on the Neds app and website.

– Flexepin
– Apple Pay
– PayID

Using BPAY can take funds up to three days to enter your account.

– POLi
– Bank Transfer
– PayPal
– Cheque

Neds Live Chat & Customer Services

How to reach Neds Live Chat

To reach the Neds Live Chat on the website, click ‘Contact Us’ on the top left-hand corner of the screen, you than scroll down to Chat with Us ‘Live chat’ and log in if you are not logged into your account.
It is slightly different on the app, click the three dots on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, click ‘Contact Us’ and scroll to the ‘Live Chat’.

Other Neds Customer Service Options

There are also other customer service options available including the 24/7 customer support over the phone which is one of the best customer service operations that a bookmaker has. You can ask a simple question/enquiry over email or send mail to the address listed below; you can also visit the address through appointments only.

Frequently Asked Questions about Neds

1. Where can I sign up with Neds?

You can sign up to Neds from either the app or the website, simply click ‘Join’ in the top right-hand corner of the screen/app and fill in the details to sign up.

2. Which sports can I bet on?

You can bet on dozens of sports, with the main sports being AFL, Soccer, Basketball, Horse Racing and Tennis.

3. Are there any Neds free bets I can use?

Neds can’t offer free bets anymore. Due to Australian laws, Australian bookmakers aren’t allowed to offer incentives to bet. However, they do offer bonus bets and promotions for customers.

4. How do I apply free bets to my bet slip?

Neds can’t offer free bets anymore. Due to Australian laws, Australian bookmakers aren’t allowed to offer incentives to bet. However, they do offer bonus bets and promotions for customers.

5. Can I bet live, in-play?

Yes! You can bet on live events. To place your desired bet, you have to call 134 777 to place a bet, you will be given a ‘Fast Code’ and to quote your full name to fast track your live bet.

6. Can I bet across devices? (mobile, desktop, tablet)

Yes! As long as you’re logged into your Neds account your bets and betslip will save into your account, allowing you to access your account on whatever device you have available to you, whether it be on the app or the website.

7. How to contact the Neds customer service team?

To contact Neds on the website, simply click ‘Contact Us’ in the top left-hand corner of the screen. You can enter a live chat or call customer support at 1300 006 337 which is available 24/7.
If you are on the app, click the three dots in the toolbar on the bottom right of screen and select the option ‘Contact Us’.

8. What deposit and withdrawal options does Neds offer?

There are multiple deposit options that include:

– Credit/Debit Card
– Cash-In
– Flexepin
– Apple Pay
– POLi
– Bank Transfer
– PayPal
– Cheque

The withdrawal method is:

– Bank Transfer

To compare Neds with other leading betting platforms and find your perfect match, visit our guide to the list of online betting sites in Australia.


  • Pros:  Excellent app, Exclusive Referral Code, Neds Toolbox
  • Cons:  Not as many sports markets as some rivals


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