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The Racingbase tipsters combine their selections to come up with winning quaddie selections for the key Australian horse racing meetings every Wednesday and Saturday.

We assess the form, study speed maps and analyse barrier draws and track ratings to come up with combinations that can land the quaddies and secure us a big return every week.

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A quaddie is betting on the winners of four nominated races, which are typically the last four races of any meeting, and is a very popular bet.

All quaddie bets go into a pool and a pidend is paid out for those successfully predicting the four winners of the races in question.

Punters can pick one horse per race or opt for several horses per race and hope the one of the selected runners win in each of the races.

To win a quaddie, you must have selected all four winners. A pidend is then paid out and declared as a $1 unit, and can range from $50 up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With a quaddie, you can set the budget you are willing to spend and ensure your spending does not get out of control.

You can place quaddie bets with all major bookmakers. Bookies such as CrownBet, Ladbrokes, Sportsbet, and Neds often have special promotions on quaddies including increased payouts.

You can select any number of runners in each race to maximise your chances of picking the winner. For every runner you do select, however, you are reducing the percentage of the pidend you will collect.



As an example, you may have selected four horses in the first leg of the quaddie, five horses in the second leg, one in the third leg and three in the fourth leg.

That gives a total number of different combinations of: 4 x 5 x 1 x 3 = 60 possibilities or outcomes for the four races.

What that means is the amount bet would have to be $60 to cover every possible combination of the four winners needed to win the bet.

If you selected three runners in the first leg, four runners in the second leg, two runners in the third leg and six runners in the fourth leg, your calculation would be the following:

3 x 4 x 2 x 6 = 144 combinations.

This means that it will cost you $144 if you wish to receive 100% of the Quaddie pidend should you successfully land all four legs of the Quaddie.

You do not have to take 100% of the Quaddie pidend though. Thanks to flexi betting, you can select the amount that you wish to stake and a calculated percentage will be displayed on the screen prior to placing your bet.

Of course we are here to help explain how to calculate a Quaddie percentage; that includes a Flexi Quaddie so here is how you would calculate the Quaddie percentage for the above example.

While $144 will give you 100% of the Quaddie dividend as outlined above, you may wish to only spend $50 on the Quaddie. Your calculation would be as follows:

50 / 144 = 0.3472

Multiply this decimal figure by 100 and you get the percentage:

0.3472 x 100 = 34.72%

Therefore, your $50 stake using the following combination of three, four, two and six runners for the four legs of the Quaddie will return 34.72% of the Quaddie pidend if you are successful.