Melbourne Cup Weights 2023

Flemington Preview Twilight Payment winning the 2020 Melbourne Cup (PA Images)

Melbourne Cup Weights 2023

Weights have been released for the 2023 Melbourne Cup with defending champion Gold Trip allocated the top weight of 58.5kg.

The Ciaron Maher and David Eustace-trained seven-year-old defeated Emissary and stablemate High Emocean in the 2022 Melbourne Cup.

He carried 57.5kg to success last year with Mark Zahra in the saddle but has failed to win a race since including a 15th placing in the 2023 Sydney Cup (3200m) in April.

Three horses have been guaranteed their place in the 2023 Melbourne Cup by winning ballot exempt races. They include: Goldman (The Roy Higgins), Lunar Flare (Andrew Ramsden) and Absurde (Ebor Handicap).

2023 Melbourne Cup Weights

 Exempt 2023 Lexus Melbourne Cup as at 19 September: 3
1 GOLDMAN (NZ) 5G  (Waterhouse & Bott) 52kg
2 LUNAR FLARE 8M  (Grahame Begg) 51.5kg
3 ABSURDE (FR) 6G  (Willie Mullins) 53kg
Passed 2023 Lexus Melbourne Cup 1st Ballot clause as at 19 September: 82
4 GOLD TRIP (FR) 7H  (Maher & Eustace) 58.5kg
5 BROOME (IRE) 8H  (Aidan O’Brien) 56.5kg
6 ALENQUER (FR) 6G  (Michael Moroney) 56.5kg
7 MONTEFILIA 6M  (Chris Waller) 54.5kg
8 DUAIS 6M  (Edward Cummings) 54kg
9 ARAPAHO (FR) 7G  (Bjorn Baker) 55.5kg
10 EL BODEGON (IRE) 5G  (Chris Waller) 55.5kg
11 WITHOUT A FIGHT (IRE) 7G  (A & S Freedman) 55.5kg
12 SPANISH MISSION (USA) 8H  (Moody & Coleman) 55.5kg
13 SHARP ‘N’ SMART (NZ) 4G  (G & D Rogerson) 53.5kg
14 BREAKUP (JPN) 6H  (Tatsuya Yoshioka) 55kg
15 KOVALICA (NZ) 4G  (Chris Waller) 53.5kg
16 VAUBAN (FR) 6G  (Willie Mullins) 55kg
17 MANZOICE 4H  (Chris Waller) 53kg
18 MAJOR BEEL (NZ) 4G  ( Waterhouse & Bott) 53kg
19 LINDERMANN 4H  (Chris Waller) 53kg
20 DESERT HERO (GB) 4H  (William Haggas) 51.5kg
21 KNIGHTS ORDER (IRE) 9G  ( Waterhouse & Bott) 54kg
22 FRANCESCO GUARDI (IRE) 6G  (Chris Waller) 54kg
23 SMOKIN’ ROMANS (NZ) 7G  (Maher & Eustace) 54kg
24 WEST WIND BLOWS (IRE) 5G  (Simon & Ed Crisford) 54kg
25 SOULCOMBE (GB) 5G  (Chris Waller) 53.5kg
26 POUNDING 5G   (Moody & Coleman) 53.5kg
27 TOWER OF LONDON 4H (GB) Aidan O’Brien 50.5kg
28 HOO YA MAL (GB) 5G  (Waterhouse & Bott) 53kg
29 VOW AND DECLARE 8G  (Danny O’Brien) 53kg
30 RIGHT YOU ARE 7G  (Maher & Eustace) 53kg
31 DUKE DE SESSA (IRE) 5H  (Maher & Eustace) 53kg
32 MAGICAL LAGOON (IRE) 5M  (Chris Waller) 51kg
33 VIRTUOUS CIRCLE (NZ) 4H  (Liam Howley) 51kg
34 LASTOTCHKA (FR) 5M  (Jean-Marie Beguigne) 51kg
35 FAME 4G   (Moody & Coleman) 51kg
36 EMISSARY (GB) 7G  (Michael Moroney) 52kg
37 HIGH EMOCEAN (NZ) 7M  (Maher & Eustace) 50kg
38 EL PATRONESS 5M  (Danny O’Brien) 50kg
39 SHERAZ (FR) 7G  (Chris Waller) 51.5kg
40 DAQIANSWEET JUNIOR (NZ) 6G  (Phillip Stokes) 51.5kg
41 AFFAIRE A SUIVRE (NZ) 4M  (Maher & Eustace) 50kg
42 CLEVELAND (IRE) 6H  (Kris Lees) 51.5kg
43 VALIANT KING (GB) 4H  (Joseph O’Brien) 50kg
44 OKITA SOUSHI (IRE) 6H  (Joseph O’Brien) 51.5kg
45 BENAUD 5G  (John O’Shea) 51kg
46 ALEGRON 5G  (James Cummings) 51kg
47 BUSTER BASH 6G  (David Harrison) 51kg
48 KING FRANKEL (IRE) 6G  (Annabel Neasham) 51kg
49 SERPENTINE (IRE) 7G  (Waterhouse & Bott) 51kg
50 FIREBURN 4M  (Gary Portelli) 50kg
51 MILITARY MISSION (IRE) 6G  ( Waterhouse & Bott) 50.5kg
52 ABERFELDIE BOY 4G  ( Griffiths & M de Kock) 50kg
53 SUIZURO 4G  (Busuttin & Young) 50kg
54 SCRIPTWRITER (IRE) 5G  (Chris Waller) 50.5kg
55 HOSIER (IRE) 7G  (Mark Minervini) 50.5kg
56 TRUE MARVEL (FR) 8G  (Matthew Smith) 50kg
57 MOUNT POPA (IRE) 9G  (M, W & J Hawkes) 50kg
58 POINT NEPEAN (IRE) 6H  ( Ben, Will & JD Hayes) 50kg
59 SHE’S FIT 4M  (Daniel Morton) 50kg
60 ALASKAN GOD 5G  (Daniel Morton) 50kg
61 REBEL RACER 7G  ( Amy & Ash Yargi) 50kg
62 REO 4M  (Richard Laming) 50kg
63 ATHABASCAN (FR) 5G  (John O’Shea) 50kg
63 TIMOUR (FR) 6G  (Chris Waller) 50kg
65 HASTA LA WAR 8G  (Sue Murphy) 50kg
66 STAFFORD’S LAD 9G  (Daniel Morton) 50kg
67 PROMISES KEPT 4G  (Maher & Eustace) 50kg
67 YAPHET 5G  (Cliff Brown) 50kg
69 QUEEN AIR 4M  (Lindsey Smith) 50kg
70 GEAR UP (IRE) 6H  (Annabel Neasham) 50kg
71 TORRENS 7H  (Marc Chevalier) 50kg
72 UNITED NATIONS 5G  (Maher & Eustace) 50kg
73 FULL OF SINCERITY (NZ) 4G  (Andrew Forsman) 50kg
74 HIGHLAND JAKK (NZ) 7G  (Robert Hickmott) 50kg
75 INTERPRETATION (IRE) 6G  (Maher & Eustace) 50kg
76 NOAH ‘N’ A DEEL 4M  (Les Kelly) 50kg
77 ESS VEE ARE (NZ) 5G  ( Darryn & Briar Weatherley) 50kg
78 LADIES MAN (NZ) 6G  (Allan Sharrock) 50kg
79 HARBOUR WIND (IRE) 4G  (Dermot K Weld) 50kg
80 RAGING BULL 5G  (David Payne) 50kg
81 MOYA LASS 4M  (Julius Sandhu) 50kg
82 AMADE (IRE) 10G  (Phillip Stokes) 50kg
83 FANCY MAN (IRE) 6G  (Annabel Neasham) 50kg
84 KALAPOUR (IRE) 7G  (Kris Lees) 50kg
85 SIR LUCAN (IRE) 6G  (Waterhouse & Bott) 50kg
 Not Passed 2023 Lexus Melbourne Cup first ballot clause as at 19 September: 48
86 HINGED 5M  (Chris Waller) 52kg
87 JUST FINE (IRE) 6G  (Waterhouse & Bott) 52.5kg
87 REGAL POWER 8G  (John Leek (Jnr)) 52.5kg
87 ZEYREK (FR) 7G  (M, W & J Hawkes) 52.5kg
90 FLOATING ARTIST (GB) 8G  (Maher & Eustace) 52kg
90 NAVAJO PEAK 5G  (David Payne) 52kg
90 PROTAGONIST (FR) 7G  (Kris Lees) 52kg
93 DARK DESTROYER (NZ) 5G  (L O’Sullivan & A Scott) 51.5
93 ASHRUN (FR) 8G  (Maher & Eustace) 51.5
93 BANK MAUR 4H  (Richard Laming) 50kg
93 BERKELEY SQUARE 4G  (Dan O’Sullivan) 50kg
97 UNCLE BRYN (GB) 6G  (Busuttin & Young) 51kg
98 ALEXANDROUPOLIS (IRE) 4H  (Aidan O’Brien) 50kg
 99 BEAR STORY (IRE) 6G  (Clinton McDonald) 50kg
 100 BRAYDEN STAR (GB) 5H  (Busuttin & Young) 50kg
 101 CARINI (FR) 5G  (Danny O’Brien) 50kg
 102 CONVENER (FR) 5H  (Maher & Eustace) 50kg
 103 DENMARK (GB) 4H  (Aidan O’Brien) 50kg
 104 DENY KNOWLEDGE (IRE) 6M  (Michael Kent) 50kg
 105 DILLIAN (IRE) 5H  (Maher & Eustace) 50kg
 106 DUKE OF HASTINGS (NZ) 5G  (Simon Zahra) 50kg
 107 FERAGO 7G  (Patrick F Ryan Jnr) 50kg
 108 FIRST IMMORTAL 4G  ( Mark & Levi Kavanagh) 50kg
 109 FOREIGN RAIDER 4M  (John Sadler) 50kg
 110 FUTURE HISTORY (GB) 6G  (Maher & Eustace) 50kg
 111 GARACHICO (GB) 5G  ( Leon & Troy Corstens) 50kg
 112 GREENLAND (IRE) 4H  (Aidan O’Brien) 50kg
 113 GREGOLIMO (FR) 6G  (Michael Moroney) 50kg
 114 INSULATION (GB) 5G   (Moody & Coleman) 50kg
 115 LIONEL (GB) 5G  (Maher & Eustace) 50kg
 116 MAHRAJAAN (USA) 6G  (Shaune Ritchie) 50kg
 117 MOSTLY CLOUDY (IRE) 5G  (Busuttin & Young) 50kg
 118 MR BUSTER (IRE) 4G  (Maher & Eustace) 50kg
 119 MR WATERVILLE (IRE) 5G  (Chris Waller) 50kg
 120 MURAMASA 4G  (Busuttin & Young) 50kg
 121 OUTLANDOS 7G  (John Sargent) 50kg
 122 PESHMERGA (GER) 5M  (Robert Quinn) 50kg
 123 PESTO (GB) 8G  ( Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes) 50kg
 124 SHAIYHAR (IRE) 5G  (Busuttin & Young) 50kg
 125 SOUTHERN FRANCE (IRE) 9G  (Matthew Smith) 50kg
 126 ST VINCENTS GARDEN (IRE) 4H  (Joseph O’Brien) 50kg
 127 THE MAP 5M  ( Dan Clarken & Oopy MacGillivray) 50kg
 128 VERONA (NZ) 5M  (Maher & Eustace) 50kg
 129 WIN O’CLOCK (GB) 7G  (Matthew Williams) 50kg
 130 WINEGLASS BAY (IRE) 5G  (Chris Waller) 50kg
 131 YOUTH SPIRIT (IRE) 6G  (Waterhouse & Bott) 50kg
 132 MEDATSU (NZ) 3G  (Chris Waller) 49kg
 133 TOKYO RUN (NZ) 3G  (Dean Mirfin) 49kg

How are the Melbourne cup weights determined?

Multiple factors determine what weight a horse will carry in the Melbourne Cup.

Some of these factors include the age and sex of the horse, with the most important being career performances to date.

The topweight(s) are allocated 58kg when weights are released and the minimum handicap weight is 49kg which is generally reserved for any three-year-olds.

Once acceptances have been made, if the topweight is less than 58kg, the weights for all Melbourne Cup horses may be raised.

Following the release of Melbourne Cup weights, horses may receive a weight increase penalty for winning Listed, Group or Graded races locally and internationally. This is up to the discretion of the handicapper.


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