Melbourne Cup Results

Melbourne Cup results Cross Counter wins the 2018 Melbourne Cup (PA Images)

Previous Melbourne Cup results, including finishing order of all horses, jockeys and trainers, as well as winning barriers, weights and starting price (SP).

2023 Melbourne Cup Results & Replay

Finish Horse Trainer Jockey Barrier Weight SP
1 WITHOUT A FIGHT (IRE) Anthony & Sam Freedman Mark Zahra 16 56.5kg $8
2 SOULCOMBE (GB) Chris Waller Joao Moreira 4 53.5kg $9.50
3 SHERAZ (FR) Chris Waller Beau Mertens 22 51.5kg $151
4 ASHRUN (FR) Ciaron Maher & David Eustace Kerrin McEvoy 11 51.5kg $26
5 DAQIANSWEET JUNIOR (NZ) Phillip Stokes Daniel Stackhouse 12 51.5kg $51
6 INTERPRETATION (IRE) Ciaron Maher & David Eustace Teo Nugent 17 50kg $41
7 ABSURDE (FR) Willie Mullins Zac Purton 8 53kg $9
8 TRUE MARVEL (FR) Matthew Smith Ben Thompson 10 50kg $151
9 VOW AND DECLARE Danny O’Brien Billy Egan 19 53kg $31
10 MILITARY MISSION (IRE) Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott Ms Rachel King 5 51kg $26
11 OKITA SOUSHI (IRE) Joseph O’Brien Dylan Gibbons (a/52kg) 20 51.5kg $101
12 MORE FELONS (IRE) Chris Waller Ms Jamie Kah 23 50.5kg $26
13 LASTOTCHKA (FR) Mick Price & Michael Kent (Jnr) Craig Williams 21 51kg $26
14 VAUBAN (FR) Willie Mullins Ryan Moore 3 55kg $5.50
15 FUTURE HISTORY (GB) Ciaron Maher & David Eustace Hollie Doyle 13 50kg $18
16 BREAKUP (JPN) Tatsuya Yoshioka Kohei Matsuyama 18 55kg $18
17 GOLD TRIP (FR) Ciaron Maher & David Eustace James McDonald 2 58.5kg $6.50
18 VIRTUOUS CIRCLE (NZ) Liam Howley Craig Newitt 6 51kg $151
19 SERPENTINE (IRE) Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott Jye McNeil 1 51kg $41
20 KALAPOUR (IRE) Kris Lees Zac Lloyd (a/48kg) 14 50kg $41
21 ALENQUER (FR) Michael Moroney Damien Oliver 9 56.5kg $21
22 MAGICAL LAGOON (IRE) Chris Waller Mark Du Plessis 7 51kg $101
FF RIGHT YOU ARE Ciaron Maher & David Eustace John Allen 15 53kg $31
CLEVELAND (IRE) Kris Lees Michael Dee 0


2022 Melbourne Cup Results & Replay

Finish Horse Trainer Jockey Margin Barrier Weight SP
1st GOLD TRIP (FR) Ciaron Maher & David Eustace Mark Zahra 13 57.5kg $21
2nd EMISSARY (GB) Michael Moroney Patrick Moloney 2L 3 51.5kg $26
3rd HIGH EMOCEAN (NZ) Ciaron Maher & David Eustace Teo Nugent 3.25L 8 50kg $41
4th DEAUVILLE LEGEND (IRE) James Ferguson Kerrin McEvoy 5L 9 55kg $4.40
5th REALM OF FLOWERS Anthony & Sam Freedman Damien Thornton 6L 5 50kg $8
6th DAQIANSWEET JUNIOR (NZ) Phillip Stokes Daniel Moor 7.25L 12 53kg $61
7th SMOKIN’ ROMANS (NZ) Ciaron Maher & David Eustace Ms Jamie Kah 7.65L 15 51.5kg $17
8th STOCKMAN (NZ) Joseph Pride Sam Clipperton 7.85L 2 54kg $16
9th KNIGHTS ORDER (IRE) Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott Tim Clark 8.6L 22 55.5kg $18
10th VOW AND DECLARE Danny O’Brien Blake Shinn 8.7L 4 54kg (cd 54.5kg) $21
11th ARAPAHO (FR) Bjorn Baker Ms Rachel King 10.95L 18 52.5kg $61
12th HOO YA MAL (GB) Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott Craig Williams 20.95L 14 53.5kg $13
13th WITHOUT A FIGHT (IRE) Simon & Ed Crisford William Buick 21.15L 17 55.5kg $12
14th GRAND PROMENADE (GB) Ciaron Maher & David Eustace Harry Coffey 21.35L 1 53kg $71
15th YOUNG WERTHER (NZ) Danny O’Brien Damian Lane 22.85L 19 54kg $31
16th MONTEFILIA David Payne Jason Collett 23.05L 11 55.5kg $9.50
17th TRALEE ROSE (NZ) Symon Wilde Dean Yendall 30.05L 20 51.5kg $51
18th DUAIS Edward Cummings Hugh Bowman 38.05L 10 55.5kg $21
19th NUMERIAN (IRE) Annabel Neasham Tommy Berry 73.05L 7 55.5kg $61
20th SERPENTINE (IRE) Robert Hickmott John Allen 99L 21 53.5kg $31
21st CAMORRA (IRE) Ben & JD Hayes Ben Melham 99L 16 55kg $41
22nd INTERPRETATION (IRE) Ciaron Maher & David Eustace Craig Newitt 0L 6 50kg $51
23rd LUNAR FLARE Grahame Begg Michael Dee 0
24th POINT NEPEAN (IRE) Robert Hickmott Wayne Lordan 0

2021 Melbourne Cup Results

Finish Horse Trainer Jockey Margin Barrier Weight SP
1st VERRY ELLEEGANT Chris Waller James McDonald 18 57kg $18
2nd INCENTIVISE Peter G Moody Brett Prebble 4L 15 57kg $2.90F
3rd SPANISH MISSION (USA) Andrew Balding Craig Williams 4.4L 14 57kg $10
4th FLOATING ARTIST (GB) Ciaron Maher & David Eustace Teodore Nugent (a) 4.6L 10 50kg $11
5th THE CHOSEN ONE (NZ) Murray Baker & Andrew Forsman Damian Lane 10.6L 5 54kg $31
6th GRAND PROMENADE (GB) Ciaron Maher & David Eustace Kerrin McEvoy 12.6L 20 52kg $15
7th DELPHI (IRE) Anthony & Sam Freedman Damien Oliver 13.35L 3 53.5kg $19
8th SELINO (GB) Chris Waller Ron Stewart 13.45L 23 53.5kg $81
9th TRALEE ROSE (NZ) Symon Wilde Dean Holland 16.7L 12 51kg $21
10th SHE’S IDEEL Bjorn Baker Craig Newitt 17.2L 19 52kg $101
11th TWILIGHT PAYMENT (IRE) Joseph O’Brien Jye McNeil 19.45L 2 58kg $13
12th MIAMI BOUND (NZ) Danny O’Brien Patrick Moloney 21.45L 16 52kg $151
13th GREAT HOUSE (IRE) Chris Waller Michael Dee 21.85L 7 50kg $26
14th SIR LUCAN (IRE) Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott Glen Boss 21.95L 17 50kg (cd 51kg) $26
15th EXPLOSIVE JACK (NZ) Ciaron Maher & David Eustace John Allen 23.2L 4 54kg $51
16th MASTER OF WINE (GER) Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes Fred Kersley 24.2L 6 52.5kg $91
17th PONDUS (GB) Robert Hickmott Ms Rachel King 24.6L 1 52.5kg $21
18th CARIF Peter & Paul Snowden Blaike McDougall 25.35L 8 52.5kg $101
19th KNIGHTS ORDER (IRE) Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott Daniel Stackhouse 25.65L 9 53kg $101
20th PERSAN Ciaron Maher & David Eustace Luke Currie 28.9L 11 53kg $31
21st PORT GUILLAUME (FR) Ben & JD Hayes Harry Coffey 33.15L 22 52kg $101
22nd JOHNNY GET ANGRY (NZ) Denis Pagan Lachlan King (a) 41.15L 21 53kg $91
23rd OCEAN BILLY (NZ) Chris Waller Damien Thornton 53.15L 13 53.5kg $31
FUTURE SCORE (IRE) Matt Cumani Dean Yendall

2020 Melbourne Cup results

The Joseph O’Brien-trained Twilight Payment won the 2020 Melbourne Cup defeating his father, Aidan O’Brien’s, horse Tiger Moth. Prince of Arran went agonizingly close again flying home late to finish 3rd following his runner-up effort the previous year and his 3rd placing in 2018. Of those who completed the course, it was the James Cummings-prepared Avilius who finished last in the 2020 Melbourne Cup.

Finish Horse Jockey Trainer Barrier Weight SP
1st TWILIGHT PAYMENT Jye McNeil Joseph O’Brien 12 55.5kg $26
2nd TIGER MOTH Kerrin McEvoy Aidan O’Brien 22 52.5kg $6.50
3rd PRINCE OF ARRAN Jamie Kah Charlie Fellowes 1 54.5kg $9.50
4th THE CHOSEN ONE Daniel Stackhouse Murray Baker & Andrew Forsman 5 53.5kg $41
5th PERSAN Michael Dee Ciaron Maher & David Eustace 19 51kg $41
6th SIR DRAGONET Glen Boss Ciaron Maher & David Eustace 14 55.5kg $12
7th VERRY ELLEEGANT Mark Zahra Chris Waller 15 55.5kg $10
8th RUSSIAN CAMELOT Damien Oliver Danny O’Brien 16 53.5kg $13
9th FINCHE James McDonald Chris Waller 6 54.5kg $21
10th ASHRUN Declan Bates Andreas Wohler 23 53kg $26
11th OCEANEX Dean Yendall Mick Price & Michael Kent (Jnr) 17 51.5kg $81
12th WARNING Luke Currie Anthony & Sam Freedman 8 53kg $41
13th SURPRISE BABY Craig Williams Paul Preusker 7 54.5kg $6
14th MIAMI BOUND Daniel Moor Danny O’Brien 13 51kg $41
15th MASTER OF REALITY Ben Melham Joseph O’Brien 11 56kg $19
16th STEEL PRINCE William Pike Anthony & Sam Freedman 20 53.5kg $31
17th ETAH JAMES Billy Egan Ciaron Maher & David Eustace 21 52.5kg $101
18th VOW AND DECLARE Jamie Mott Danny O’Brien 4 57kg $61
19th MUSTAJEER Michael Rodd Kris Lees 2 55kg $101
20th STRATUM ALBION Jordan Childs Willie Mullins 9 55kg $31
21st DASHING WILLOUGHBY Michael Walker Andrew Balding 18 54.5kg $101
22nd AVILIUS John Allen James Cummings 10 57kg $61
FF ANTHONY VAN DYCK Hugh Bowman Aidan O’Brien 3 58.5kg $10
Scratched King Of Leogrance Damian Lane Danny O’Brien 0


2019 Melbourne Cup results

All eyes were on Irish trainers Aidan and Joseph O’Brien who saddled up seven runners in the race, but at the winning post, it was Aussie trainer Danny O’Brien staving off the European onslaught with his tough stayer Vow And Declare. The Charlie Fellows-prepared Prince Of Arran went one better than in 2018 and finished 2nd in the 2019 Melbourne Cup, while Aidan O’Brien’s Il Paridiso captured 3rd place. The race was not without drama as the original placings saw Master Of Reality finish 2nd ahead of Prince Of Arran and Il Paridiso, but a protest from Aidan O’Brien against his son’s horse Master Of Reality saw that horse relegated to 4th while Prince Of Arran was elevated to 2nd and Il Paridiso elevated to 3rd.

Finish Horse Jockey Trainer Barrier Weight SP
1st VOW AND DECLARE Craig Williams Danny O’Brien 21 52kg $11
2nd PRINCE OF ARRAN Michael Walker Charlie Fellowes 8 54kg $17
3rd IL PARADISO Wayne Lordan Aidan O’Brien 17 52.5kg $15
4th MASTER OF REALITY Frankie Dettori Joseph O’Brien 1 55.5kg $26
5th SURPRISE BABY Jordan Childs Paul Preusker 20 53.5kg $12
6th MER DE GLACE Damian Lane Hisashi Shimizu 2 56kg $9.50
7th FINCHE Kerrin McEvoy Chris Waller 4 54kg $8.50
8th CROSS COUNTER William Buick Charlie Appleby 5 57.5kg $13
9th STEEL PRINCE Brett Prebble Anthony Freedman 16 52.5kg $61
10th MAGIC WAND Ryan Moore Aidan O’Brien 24 53.5kg $26
11th TWILIGHT PAYMENT Hugh Bowman Joseph O’Brien 19 55kg $41
12th SOUND James Winks Michael Moroney 10 53.5kg $91
13th CONSTANTINOPLE Joao Moreira David Hayes 7 52.5kg $9.50
14th MIRAGE DANCER Ben Melham Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young 13 55.5kg $51
15th HUNTING HORN Seamie Heffernan Aidan O’Brien 11 55kg $51
16th RAYMOND TUSK Jamie Spencer Richard Hannon 3 54kg $21
17th THE CHOSEN ONE Tim Clark Murray Baker & Andrew Forsman 18 52kg $31
18th LATROBE James McDonald Joseph O’Brien 22 55kg $21
19th SOUTHERN FRANCE Mark Zahra Ciaron Maher & David Eustace 14 55.5kg $26
20th YOUNGSTAR Tommy Berry Chris Waller 9 52kg $31
21st NEUFBOSC Luke Nolen David Hayes 23 53.5kg $101
22nd DOWNDRAFT John Allen Joseph O’Brien 15 53.5kg $21
23rd MUSTAJEER Damien Oliver Kris Lees 6 55kg $19
24th ROSTROPOVICH Dwayne Dunn David Hayes 12 55kg $41


2018 Melbourne Cup results

Racing powerhouse Godolphin had been chasing an elusive Cups win for years, and with the local arm of Godolphin unable to capture the great race, it was Godolphin’s head UK trainer Charlie Appleby who got the stable off the mark. The lightly-raced Cross Counter carried just 51kg to victory and proved too strong for the gallant french horse Marmelo who was ridden 1kg over weight by Hugh Bowman and lumped 56kg to finish 2nd. Prince Of Arran was 3rd and would go on to place in the next two years. Of those to complete the race, Red Cardinal finished last in the 2018 Melbourne Cup. Jockey Kerrin McEvoy brought up his third win in the Melbourne Cup as he steered Cross Counter to victory.

Finish Horse Jockey Trainer Barrier Weight SP
1st CROSS COUNTER Kerrin McEvoy Charlie Appleby 19 51kg $9
2nd MARMELO Hugh Bowman Hughie Morrison 10 55kg (cd 56kg) $12
3rd PRINCE OF ARRAN Michael Walker Charlie Fellowes 20 53kg $21
4th FINCHE Zac Purton Chris Waller 15 54kg $26
5th ROSTROPOVICH Wayne Lordan Aidan O’Brien 21 51kg $21
6th YOUNGSTAR Craig Williams Chris Waller 8 51.5kg $11
7th SIR CHARLES ROAD Dwayne Dunn Lance O’Sullivan & Andrew Scott 14 53kg $101
8th BEST SOLUTION Patrick Cosgrave Saeed Bin Suroor 6 57.5kg $16
9th MUNTAHAA Jim Crowley John Gosden 13 55.5kg $17
10th VENTURA STORM Mark Zahra David Hayes 7 54kg (cd 54.5kg) $31
11th YUCATAN James McDonald Aidan O’Brien 23 54.5kg $6
12th NAKEETA Regan Bayliss Iain Jardine 3 53kg $81
13th ZACADA Damian Lane Murray Baker & Andrew Forsman 24 53kg $101
14th CHESTNUT COAT Yuga Kawada Yoshito Yahagi 4 55.5kg $71
15th VENGEUR MASQUE Patrick Moloney Michael Moroney 2 54kg $51
16th MAGIC CIRCLE Corey Brown Ian Williams 17 56kg $7
17th WHO SHOT THEBARMAN Ben Melham Chris Waller 18 55.5kg $31
18th SOUND Jordan Childs Michael Moroney 16 55.5kg $41
19th RUNAWAY Stephen Baster Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott 12 52kg $41
20th ACE HIGH Tye Angland David Payne 22 55kg $71
21st AUVRAY Tommy Berry Richard Freedman 1 54kg $81
22nd AVILIUS Glyn Schofield James Cummings 11 54.5kg $16
23rd RED CARDINAL Damien Oliver Darren Weir 5 54kg $31
FF THE CLIFFSOFMOHER Ryan Moore Aidan O’Brien 9 56.5kg $21

2017 Melbourne Cup results

After coming heartbreaking close on Bauer in 2008, where he was beaten a nose hair by Viewed, jockey Corey Brown finally ticked the Melbourne Cup off his dream list when he guided the Joseph O’Brien-trained Rekindling to victory. Joseph’s father Aidan had been trying to win the Melbourne Cup for years and had to settle for 2nd with Johannes Vermeer while Joseph claimed the win with his first ever runner. The Willie Mullins-trained Max Dynamite finished 3rd while Gallante finished last in the 2017 Melbourne Cup.

Finish Horse Jockey Trainer Barrier Weight SP
1st REKINDLING Corey Brown Joseph O’Brien 4 51.5kg $15
2nd JOHANNES VERMEER Ben Melham Aidan O’Brien 3 54.5kg $13
3rd MAX DYNAMITE Zac Purton Willie Mullins 2 54kg $20
4th BIG DUKE Brenton Avdulla Darren Weir 5 53.5kg $21
5th NAKEETA Glyn Schofield Iain Jardine 19 53kg $41
6th THOMAS HOBSON Ben Allen (a0/50kg) Willie Mullins 20 52kg $21
7th TIBERIAN Oliver Peslier Alain Couetil 22 55.5kg $31
8th LIBRAN Dwayne Dunn Chris Waller 7 53kg $61
9th MARMELO Hugh Bowman Hughie Morrison 16 55kg $7
10th WICKLOW BRAVE Stephen Baster Willie Mullins 8 54kg $71
11th RED CARDINAL Kerrin McEvoy Andreas Wohler 23 55kg $16
12th ALMANDIN Frankie Dettori Robert Hickmott 14 56.5kg $7
13th CISMONTANE Beau Mertens (a0/51kg) Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott 17 50kg $41
14th AMELIE’S STAR Dean Yendall Darren Weir 10 51kg $21
15th BOOM TIME Cory Parish David Hayes 9 53kg $31
16th WALL OF FIRE Craig Williams Hugo Palmer 15 53kg $11
17th SINGLE GAZE Ms Kathy O’Hara Nick Olive 11 53kg $31
18th US ARMY RANGER Jamie Spencer Joseph O’Brien 21 53.5kg $71
19th HUMIDOR Blake Shinn Darren Weir 13 56kg $11
20th HARTNELL Damian Lane James Cummings 12 57.5kg $26
21st VENTURA STORM Glen Boss David Hayes 6 54kg $31
22nd BONDI BEACH Michael Walker Robert Hickmott 1 54kg $71
23rd GALLANTE Michael Dee Robert Hickmott 18 53kg $91
Scratched WHO SHOT THEBARMAN Tommy Berry Chris Waller 0

2016 Melbourne Cup results

Jockey Kerrin McEvoy won the 2000 Melbourne Cup on Brew but would have to wait another 16 years to taste success again as he steered Almandin across the line in 1st place. It was a tight finish with Heartbreak City finishing 2nd ahead of war horse Hartnell who would go on to become one of the most consistent gallopers in Australia at distances from 1400m to 3200m. Rose Of Virginia finished in last place in the 2016 Melbourne Cup.

Finish Horse Jockey Trainer Barrier Weight SP
1st ALMANDIN Kerrin McEvoy Robert Hickmott 17 52kg $11
2nd HEARTBREAK CITY Joao Moreira Tony Martin 23 54kg $19
3rd HARTNELL James McDonald John O’Shea 12 56kg $5.50
4th QEWY Craig Williams Charlie Appleby 15 51.5kg $21
5th WHO SHOT THEBARMAN Hugh Bowman Chris Waller 20 56kg $26
6th ALMOONQITH Michael Walker David Hayes 19 54.5kg $31
7th BEAUTIFUL ROMANCE Damian Lane Saeed Bin Suroor 1 52.5kg $71
8th EXOSPHERIC Damien Oliver Anthony Freedman 13 56kg $21
9th PENTATHLON Mark Du Plessis John Wheeler 4 51.5kg $81
10th BIG ORANGE Jamie Spencer Michael Bell 7 57kg $14
11th GRAND MARSHAL Ben Melham Chris Waller 9 54.5kg $31
12th OCEANOGRAPHER Chad Schofield Charlie Appleby 11 52kg $9
13th BONDI BEACH Ryan Moore Aidan O’Brien 5 56kg $13
14th GREY LION Glen Boss Matt Cumani 16 52kg $41
15th JAMEKA Nicholas Hall Ciaron Maher 3 54.5kg $8.50
16th EXCESS KNOWLEDGE Vlad Duric Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott 21 53.5kg $61
17th OUR IVANHOWE Dwayne Dunn Anthony Freedman 6 57kg $51
18th SIR JOHN HAWKWOOD Blake Spriggs John Thompson 14 54kg $81
19th ASSIGN Ms Katelyn Mallyon Robert Hickmott 22 52kg $51
20th GALLANTE Blake Shinn Robert Hickmott 2 54.5kg $51
21st SECRET NUMBER Stephen Baster Saeed Bin Suroor 10 52kg $31
22nd WICKLOW BRAVE Frankie Dettori Willie Mullins 24 56kg $16
23rd CURREN MIROTIC Tommy Berry Osamu Hirata 18 56.5kg $51
24th ROSE OF VIRGINIA Ben Thompson (a0/48kg) Lee & Shannon Hope 8 51kg $61


2015 Melbourne Cup results

One of the greatest moments in racing as jockey Michelle Payne became the first female rider to win the Melbourne Cup – and she did it aboard 100/1 shot Prince Of Penzance. Max Dynamite was runner-up ahead of Criterion in 3rd, and it was Snow Sky who finished last of those to complete the course.

Finish Horse Jockey Trainer Barrier Weight SP
1st PRINCE OF PENZANCE Ms Michelle Payne Darren Weir 1 53kg $101
2nd MAX DYNAMITE Frankie Dettori Willie Mullins 2 55kg $13
3rd CRITERION Michael Walker David Hayes 4 57.5kg $19
4th TRIP TO PARIS Tommy Berry Ed Dunlop 14 55kg $6
5th BIG ORANGE Jamie Spencer Michael Bell 23 55.5kg $61
6th GUST OF WIND Chad Schofield John Sargent 19 51kg $41
7th EXCESS KNOWLEDGE Kerrin McEvoy Gai Waterhouse AO 24 51kg $31
8th THE OFFER Damien Oliver Gai Waterhouse AO 13 54kg $31
9th QUEST FOR MORE Damian Lane Roger Charlton 21 53.5kg $81
10th OUR IVANHOWE Ben Melham Anthony Freedman 22 56kg $21
11th WHO SHOT THEBARMAN Blake Shinn Chris Waller 6 54.5kg $21
12th SERTORIUS Craig Newitt Jamie Edwards 5 52.5kg $101
13th FAME GAME Zac Purton Yoshitada Munakata 12 57kg $5
14th THE UNITED STATES Joao Moreira Robert Hickmott 3 52.5kg $21
15th HARTNELL James McDonald John O’Shea 17 55.5kg $31
16th BONDI BEACH Brett Prebble Aidan O’Brien 18 52.5kg $21
17th HOKKO BRAVE Craig Williams Yasutoshi Matsunaga 20 55.5kg $41
18th ALMOONQITH Dwayne Dunn David Hayes 10 53kg $17
19th KINGFISHER Colm O’Donoghue Aidan O’Brien 9 53kg $61
20th PREFERMENT Hugh Bowman Chris Waller 11 53.5kg $9
21st GRAND MARSHAL Mr Jim Cassidy Chris Waller 15 53.5kg $61
22nd SKY HUNTER William Buick Saeed Bin Suroor 7 54kg $31
23rd SNOW SKY Ryan Moore Sir Michael Stoute 16 58kg $51
FF RED CADEAUX Gerald Mosse Ed Dunlop 8 55kg $26


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