Latest Gundagai Tips

Gundagai Racecourse Info

Location Oibell Dr, Gundagai NSW 2722
Circumference 1900m
Width 20m
Length of Straight 300m
Direction Clockwise

About Our Gundagai Tipster

Steve Bennett is RacingBase’s resident form analyst for all New South Wales meetings. Focusing on one state (NSW) gives Steve an edge when it comes to knowing the form of each and every runner going around in NSW. His Gundagai Tips generally include a Best Bet, Next Best and Best Value, and sometimes he will throw out an extra tip or two if something appeals.

Steve and the rest of the RacingBase team used a comprehensive data subscription to provide them with information and statistics that aren’t available to the average punter due to the high cost of acquiring the information. We pass that information on to the punter in form of benchmark (BM) performance ratings which are calculated against historical data for each track, distance, conditions, wind speed and more.

Quick Tips for Finding a Gundagai Winner

  • Some jockeys and trainers have a much higher strike-rate at Gundagai so it’s important to know which jockeys and trainers to follow.

Tips for Betting on Gundagai Multiples

Daily Double

The Daily Double is a wager offered at most race meetings in which bettors must pick the winner of two consecutive races. It is usually the fourth and third-last race of the day, and punters may select any number of runners in each leg. The payoff for a successful Daily Double bet is usually not very high, so it is important to limit one’s selections to just a few runners in each leg.

Some handicappers believe that the best strategy is to select the two favourites in each race, while others try to identify horses that are likely to win both races. Either way, the key to success is to carefully study the past performances of all the runners and make disciplined picks. With a little bit of luck, a smart bettor can turn a small wager into a nice payout.



For horse racing fans, the Treble is an exciting way to boost your winnings. Similar to the Daily Double, the Treble involves picking the winners of consecutive races. However, the Treble is usually offered at the fourth, third, and second-last race of each meeting, rather than just the last two races.

While this means that the Treble is more likely to pay out more than the Daily Double, it also means that there is more risk involved. If a favourite takes out the third leg, for example, it can still be a lucrative bet for those who picked them. Whether you’re looking to take a punt on the long shot or play it safe with the favourite, the Treble is a great way to add some excitement to your horse racing betting.



The Quadrella, or ‘Quaddie’, is a bet type that involves selecting the winners of four consecutive races and is usually run as the last four races of the day. The Quaddie can be a lucrative bet type for punters, with payouts often running into the thousands of dollars.

To maximise profit in the Quaddie, it is often advisable to include a few roughies in the mix as this is when the payouts can be at their highest. With careful selection, it is possible to find value in the Quaddie and secure a healthy return on investment.

More than Just Gundagai Tips

At Racingbase, we provide our readers with the best free horse racing tips and top bets of the week. Our team of expert tipsters focus on individual states and areas to increase their knowledge base and overall winning strike-rate. In addition to our award-winning tips, we also offer Group 1 racing tips, roughies tips, quaddie selections and multibet tips. Plus, our website also features the latest racing information and bookmaker insights with big bets being placed by punters.

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Gundagai Tips FAQs

When Do Today’s Gundagai Racing Tips Go Up?

Our Gundagai tips can go up as early as the day before but are most likely up before 9am the morning of each meeting.


Are Gundagai Race Tips Free?

Yes. All Gundagai tips on are free to view with no subscription required.


What type of bets do your tips cover?

Our Gundagai Tips and Best Bets usually cover a Best Bets, Next Best and Best Value as well as Quaddie Tips.


Do you have any other advice for betting on Gundagai races?

Check the Quick Tips for Finding an Gundagai winner above for a few handy pointers.


How do I know your Gundagai tips are any good?

We employ our expert Gundagai tipster to only cover NSW horse racing so he is more familiar with horses, trainers and jockeys stats. Our tipsters use a paid data subscription that gives them an edge over the average punter. So you know the information you get in our tips is valuable information.